Build and lead inclusive, creative, and effective teams

Teams are vital for the modern workplace, yet people often experience frustration being on one. That’s because, in part, building truly effective teams requires a focused effort.

To build teams that get results, it’s vital to understand:

Photo credit:  Ambro via

Photo credit:  Ambro via

  • What makes a team different than just a group of individuals.
  • What teams are best-suited for.
  • The importance of diversity and inclusion for effective teams.
  • How to get a team up and running successfully.
  • How to actively engage all team members
  • Ways to facilitate results that are bigger than the sum of the parts

Team members must learn and practice crucial skills, including: clear communication, constructive problem-solving, running efficient and productive meetings, and holding each other accountable. Through team coaching and skilled facilitation, I help groups become great teams!

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Bob quickly understood our situation and won over everyone’s confidence - not an easy task in a very charged atmosphere! Using his status as a neutral outsider, he gave us all tools and a common vocabulary for working through our issues, creating a foundation upon which it became easier for me to build a functioning team.

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