Develop Insight and Achieve Your Goals

Today it’s clear that reaching for your goals and approaching your potential requires emotional and social intelligence and not only technical expertise. Whether you're moving right along or have hit a roadblock on the journey, it helps to have a coach on your side to provide honest feedback and fresh perspectives so you can take effective action.

Photo credit: A. Solodukhin via  unsplash    

Photo credit: A. Solodukhin via unsplash


I can help you gain insight and move forward on what’s most important!

  • Clarify values and act on your most meaningful priorities.
  • Fully appreciate the strengths you bring to your work.
  • Develop greater influence and leadership.
  • Finish that article, book, or dissertation (or other project).
  • Navigate a work/life transition.
  • Better balance and integrate work and the rest of life.
  • Lead and facilitate inclusive teams.
  • Address tension and disagreement.

Commit to your personal and professional development and learn more about how coaching can help you reach for your goals.

I have never had a career coach before, but now that I’ve had the privilege of benefiting from Bob’s expert encouragement and guidance, I think everyone should have one!

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