“I've worked with Bob in two contexts: first, as a consultant to help me deal with very difficult staff dynamics; and, second, as a personal life coach.”

“Bob quickly understood our situation and won over everyone’s confidence - not an easy task in a very charged atmosphere! Using his status as a neutral outsider, he gave us all tools and a common vocabulary for working through our issues, creating a foundation upon which it became easier for me to build a functioning team.”

“As a coach, Bob is astute and kind, consistently acknowledging my own insights, efforts, and progress, but never hesitating to call my attention to any flaws in my thinking and the times I am getting in my own way.”

Department Manager

Bob is a delight to work with. Experienced, engaging, and skilled, he helped the normally silent members of my group to open up and share their feelings and insights about a very challenging topic.”

Department Director

Bob combines high sensitivity for people and diversity issues with wonderful organizational skills and ability to synthesize issues in a way that results in desired outcomes.”

Executive Director

Bob was hired to assess our organization, paint a vivid picture of his analysis and provide guidance on developing a strategic plan for breathing new life into the organization. . . . The key to our success was persistence and never losing sight of Bob's assessment and guidance.”

Executive Director

He has been a sterling resource in guiding me toward realizing my writing goals. . . . Bob enabled me to envision how to best bridge the gap between where I was before I began working with him and where I expect to be at the conclusion of our coaching sessions: that is, with a completed manuscript.”


Bob created a safe and warm environment that encouraged honesty and experimentation. Questions and reflections were encouraged, and Bob never gave a sense of being rushed. At the same time, the trainings seemed to move at an efficient pace, and I never felt we had sacrificed content for participant interactivity. ”

“I also appreciated Bob’s sharing of stories, both personal ones and case studies from his professional experience, which brought real-world examples of how some of the concepts and theories played out.”

“Finally, part of [the program] included meeting with Bob about our leadership development plans.  I have never had a career coach before, but now that I’ve had the privilege of benefiting from Bob’s expert encouragement and guidance, I think everyone should have one!”

Leadership development program participant






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