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For vital teams that create results greater than the sum of the parts, it’s essential for team members to come together and develop a shared vision for how the team will work. I help teams improve communication and better understand any roadblocks that are hindering effectiveness. With my assistance, team members share insights, identify common expectations, learn and practice new skills, and identify how to hold themselves accountable.

Team coaching can help you and your team:

Photo credit:  Pexels

Photo credit: Pexels

  • Develop real teams, rather than teams in name only.
  • Build shared expectations so every team member is “on the same page.”
  • Foster active engagement, creativity, and problem solving.
  • Realize the promise of diverse and inclusive teams.
  • Constructively work through issues, rather than assume conflict is primarily about “personalities” or “communication.”
  • Identify the strengths, preferences, and areas for improvement for all team members.
  • Consider technology, including the uses and limits of online collaboration and virtual teams.

Along with team coaching, I help team leads plan and implement truly effective meetings and off-site retreats that have lasting impact.

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Bob is a delight to work with. Experienced, engaging, and skilled, he helped the normally silent members of my group to open up and share their feelings and insights about a very challenging topic.

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