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Weaving Learning Throughout A Team’s Work

In this era when agile, collaborative, teams are needed to take on complex challenges, ongoing learning is crucial for effective teaming. This interactive session will consider practical ways to encourage learning throughout a team’s lifecycle: when it is just starting up (a time that team learning is vitally important but often neglected), while the team is carrying out its work, and when significant projects are completed or the team disbands.

Hosted by the Central Mass Association for Talent Development (ATD) Chapter
June 20, 2018
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Clark University, Worcester MA
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Articles on Inclusion and Building Real Teams

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OD is Diversity: Differences are at the Heart of the Field” Co-written with Heather Berthoud and published in OD Practitioner (2015)

Resilient Teams Help Nonprofits Meet the Challenge of Change”  MassNonprofit.org.

The Paradox of Diversity in Social Change Organizations” Co-written with Heather Berthoud and published in Practising Social Change

A Multi-Faceted Look at Diversity: Why Outreach is Not Enough” Co-written with Heather Berthoud and published in The Journal of Volunteer Administration.

When Conflict is Part of Cooperation” Co-written with Heather Berthoud and published in Cooperative Business Journal.


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Seeing Systems to Better Address Complex Organizational Problems

Coaching Teams: Facilitating Leadership and Results

Leading Effective Teams: Key Team Skills

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