Gatherings that Make a Lasting Difference

I have designed and facilitated retreats, meetings, workshops, and training initiatives with numerous clients. Here are a few examples:

  • Leadership team retreats to open up communication, develop shared expectations for working together, and develop concrete action plans.
  • A cross-cultural teams workshop for a graduate business program.
  • Full-staff off-sites to enhance teamwork, bring up ideas, and engage in problem-solving.
  • Workshops on diversity and inclusion for national organizations.
  • A 40-hour leadership development program offered by a community college.
Image: (c) Graduate Fashion Management, Fashion Institute of Technology. (From my annual workshop on cross-cultural teaming.)

Image: (c) Graduate Fashion Management, Fashion Institute of Technology. (From my annual workshop on cross-cultural teaming.)

Productive Team Meetings and Retreats

A retreat can be a wonderful opportunity to step away from the day-to-day and build cohesion, better understand a challenge, and identify creative ideas. However, to have lasting impact, retreats must be skillfully planned and facilitated. The work leading up to—and the follow-up after—a retreat is as important as the event itself; otherwise a gathering can be fun and generate good feelings, but not lead to lasting change. I work closely with you to ensure meetings and retreats advance the work and lead to effective action that continues after you and your team are back at the office.

Active and Impactful Training

An important part of any change initiative, training can lead to real insight and long-term impact if it is well-planned and skillfully implemented. I believe truly effective training must be customized to meet an organization’s unique needs. With well over 20 years’ experience as a trainer and facilitator, I go well beyond lectures and slideshows to engage participants actively in learning and doing. And I can help you follow up to ensure that what is learned is put to work after the training session ends.

    Bob created a safe and warm environment that encouraged honesty and experimentation. Questions and reflections were encouraged, and Bob never gave a sense of being rushed. At the same time, the trainings seemed to move at an efficient pace, and I never felt we had sacrificed content for participant interactivity.

    I also appreciated Bob’s sharing of stories, both personal ones and case studies from his professional experience, which brought real-world examples of how some of the concepts and theories played out.

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