Welcome to "With This In Mind"

It’s been said that journalism is "the first rough draft of history." A blog, then, might be the first sketch of the rough draft. In this blog, I won’t be practicing journalism, but I will be sketching out ideas on work/life topics that fascinate me and I hope will interest you too. I am one of those people for whom writing is a way to think things through and develop ideas. And one of the beauties of a blog, I believe, is that ideas can be developed over time.

Drawing on my consulting and coaching experience, a few topics I plan to explore in With This in Mind include:

Image (c) Bob Greene

Image (c) Bob Greene

  • Leadership and personal development ideas for everyday people—not superheroes.
  • Seeing the forest and the trees when looking at the complex work (and family and community) systems we take part in.
  • Moving away from talking about work/life balance — it’s really about integrating work and the rest of life.
  • Ways to promote inclusive and engaged teams and workplaces.
  • Findings from psychology, business, and other fields that provide valuable insights into planning, decision-making, relationships of all kinds, and, in general, why we do the things we do.
  • Second and third thoughts on team-building, mindfulness, leadership development, personal growth, and much more.

Here are a few intentions for the blog. For one thing I promise never to have a headline like, “The Five Essential Things Every Leader Must Do Today to Succeed” — as if important ideas can be simply broken down into five quick points. I will, however, try to express ideas clearly and succinctly (but not simplistically) and offer practical tips and tools. And as part of my own work and life integration, many posts will be illustrated with my original images.

Thanks for visiting. Please pull up a seat and stay for a while.